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Q: I live in Indiana and may want to purchase a car in Illinois. Will I have to pay Illinois sales tax?
Sales tax is cheaper here in Indiana than in Illinois. I saw alot of great deals in Illinois so I was wondering.

A: The answer is yes and no. It depends on your situation. If you buy the car in Illinois and drive straight to Indiana then all you have to pay is Indiana’s sales tax. Dealerships can give you a one way pass sort of thing. But, if you are not going to straight to you will have to pay Illinois sales tax. If you do get stopped by a cop during the trip to Indiana and your not going straight from Dealership to Indiana, you will have to a penalty.

Q: Do I have to pay [Illinois] sales tax on a car sold by a private seller?
I’m looking to buy a car on cash that barely fits my budget, and cannot afford anoter $700-900 on taxes.
We bought a car through private party previously, but don’t remember paying taxes on that one!

A: Don’t worry. In Illinois you pay a flat tax rate when buying from a private seller. The taxes are based on the year of the car. The older it is, the less you will have to pay. In some cases it can be as little as $25 or as much as $125 or so. It wont be anywhere close to $900 so rest easy my man. Call the Secretary of State or your local DMV for an accurate amount based on the county in which the car will be registered.

Q: If I buy a car in Indiana and live in Illinois do I have to pay IL sales tax on the car?
If I buy a car in Indiana and live in Illinois do I have to pay IL sales tax on the car

A: you pay whatever the tax is in indiana

Q: If I were to buy a new car in Illinois does the state sales tax change to the county you live ?
Like if I were to buy a vehicle in Kane county and live in DeKakb county
Since DeKalb sales tax increased on July 1st 2008 to 8% I was told that that would also include vehicle tax

A: no the only thing that changes state taxes is if you lived in another state and the vehicle was not going to be licensed in IL. then they would give you a temp sticker for the windshield and send you on your way but when ever to go to the state where you live and go to get plates they will charge you your state tax instead.

There is nothing stopping a county from adding additional tax but that was not your question, your question was about the STATE TAX and that stays the same, a county may add additional tax and guess what else so may the city do the same It make s no difference if you are paying 8% or 10% only a certain part of that tax money goes to the state

Q: sales tax on a car in 2006 illinois?
bought car in dallas tx what is sales tax in illinois

A: The answer to your question may be available at the Illinois Department of Revenue’s website or you may try the Illinois Secretary of State’s website to obtain this information.

Without knowing the city, town and/or county in which you plan on registering this vehicle, it may be somewhat difficult for anyone in this community to answer your question.

On the other side of the coin, if you purchased this vehicle in Texas, you more than likely paid a sales tax there. If you titled and licensed the vehicle in Texas, and then move to Illinois, it is highly unlikely that there will be any additional sales tax. Assuming of course that you are the owner of this vehicle and will continue to own it.

However, you will pay a fee to have it re-titled and re-registered in Illinois. While technically, you are paying these fees, to the State, it is not a sales tax, per se, but rather a convenience fee.

Q: If I buy a car in Illinois and live in California what sales tax do I pay?

A: McCoy is correct. I sell Nissans in Northern Indiana just about 2 miles from Michigan and we get a lot of customers from Michigan. They pay their 6% sales tax. We are 7% in Indiana. It all depends on where you title the vehicle.

From your friendly Nissan Salesperson :-)

Q: If I live in missouri and am purchasing a car in Illinois do I have to pay sales tax in both states?

A: You pay taxes in the state you register it in.

Q: If I am a Wisconsin resident and I buy a car in Illinois, must I pay sales tax (in either state)?

A: Yes, you must pay sales tax. If the dealer in Illinois has an agreement with the state of Wisconsin, they can collect your wisconsin sales tax there, and submit it to the state for you. Actually, if they CAN do it, they MUST do it.

If they don’t have an agreement, then you will have to ask the dealer to not collect illinois sales tax, and thus you won’t pay sales tax in Illinois. But they also will not issue you a wisconsin vehicle plate, or registration.

When you go to the DMV to register the vehicle, they will ask for the sales paperwork to prove that you own it, they will realize that you haven’t paid Wisconsin tax, and will charge you the tax at that time.

There’s no way to get around it.

Q: What is the percent sales tax on a new car purchase in Dupage county, Illinois?


Q: Where should I buy my car, Georgia or Illinois?
I am moving to Atlanta at the end of May and am planning on purchasing a vehicle. The sales tax in Illinois is less than Atlanta, so I think that might be better, but will I need to register the vehicle in Illinois? I will purchase the vehicle and move within two weeks. I saw somewhere on that you have 20 days to register the vehicle. Does this mean that I will not need to register the vehicle in Illinois? Should I just wait and buy a car in Georgia?

A: You will need to pay taxes based on where you register the vehicle, so you might as well wait until you move to Georgia to buy the car.

The difference is going to be minimal.
In Illinois, the cheapest sales tax is 7.25% and in Georgia, the most expensive is 8%.

It’s about $7.50 per $1,000 spent at the most.

Q: How do I transfer ownership of my Illinois car from my wife to me?
I need information on how to do this, is it considered a “private sale”, will I have to pay tax on the transfer etc etc

A: You can usually do a transfer of ownership at a bank or any Illinois department of vehicle registration (where you get your drivers license renewed). We did that with a daughter and she had to pay something to the state, of course they have to get something out of it but it was not a lot, like $15. You might need IDs, drivers license, plates, insurance. I don’t think the plates will be transferable, she will have to get new ones.
Call them to find out for sure what you need.

Q: We bought a car privately over a year ago in Illinois and need to know how to pay sales tax on it.Any help?

A: You pay taxes when you register the car. In Illinois you can go to a Currency Exchange to renew plates once you have them. Did you buy the car last year and not register it yet?

Q: I want to buy a car in Illinois, do they add the sale tax to the price?
I live in missouri and i want my sales tax add will they still do it, or do you have to live in that state to get that benefit.

A: Yes. But you can get around that by buying from a private party.

when you get plates for it your required to fill out a purchase price form and that’s how they tax you.

Q: if you buy a car out of state (WI), do you have to pay sales tax twice?
I live in SE Wiscosin, and I want to buy a car in upper Illinois,
or one in Indiana.

thanks in advance

A: No you should not have to pay sales tax twice. I recently purchased a car in IN and registered it in OH. I had to pay sales in IN, but not OH. The only things you will likely have to pay for is getting the vehicle inspected and paying for the title to transferred to WI.

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